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  1. Happy Birthday Shenna.
    Hope you’re doing very well.

    Not sure if you’d remember me, but I sure remember you!

    Met you while interning a year(??) back and went to the quaint little shop you (used?) to work at. Bought many many plates and managed to strike up a tiny conversation with you while you very carefully packed my plates into the boxes. Was quite intrigued by your story then, indeed.

    Sorry I kinda did some stalking and absolutely loved your art. Particularly, “no more tears”, “strange delight”, and the one with the boy and girl kneeling on some kind of MRT seats. All of which have been my various wallpapers since. Hope that’s cool with you!

    Anyway, I think you’re an amazing artist and I wish I got to know you better. Saw that you posted something 2 or 3 months ago or so and I’m very happy you’re still doing this.
    Maybe I’ll ask you out if I happen to see you again hee. Happy Birthday to you and sending you my best wishes!

  2. hi :- )

    Happy birthday back to u. Ngee Ann Poly student running errands for an events company whilst on your internship. Something like that, correct? Thank u for remembering me (completely spoiled for words) much less bother about my little birthday. Fast forward two jobs and many happy and tragic days later, I am oki :- ) these couple of weeks I have been wondering a lot about my place on this earth and the things I do/should do, almost an out-of-body experience as I witness myself bustle about. Don’t know why but thank u for keeping me in some strange corner of your head. There is equal part shock and gratitude for this message. Incidentally the one with the boy and girl kneeling on the MRT seats is my personal fave. Hope u’re well, if u ever do see me again come say hey

  3. Hi Shenna!
    Happy birthday once again ^^
    How are you doing? Hopefully wonderfully 🙂 I missed your reply last year, only discovering it when you randomly surfaced in my mind once again many many months later (3 months ago??) and I decided to visit this site again…
    I am really quite surprised that you remembered all that! And also feels quite warm… Thank you. Anyway, have just gotten outta NS a few months back, and p much immediately dived into uni @ SUSS. In the middle of examinations now and slightly regret not starting my revision earlier hehe.
    Your art remains my wallpaper, and I suspect they will remain so for a long time to come 😛
    Throughout the year I have also been on a little journey to discover myself, seems to be a never-ending quest, but I have settled for trying to be the best and kindest version of myself I can possibly be.
    Did you come to any revelation on your side?
    I hope you’ll have a very very happy birthday this year, and an equally happy time all the way till your next one.

  4. Happy Birthday Shenna! Your posts seem a little more melancholic than usual, hope you’re doing fine regardless. Wishing you the best : )

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