Celebrations Unlimited

It is the morning of their 44th wedding anniversary, he plonks himself on the cold of the living room floor, surrounded by photo albums of old. Wedding portrait. He glazes his eyes first wonderingly over her young face, followed by his own, then twice again over with fawning attentiveness, throwing into sharp relief just how unusual life has gone.

2 thoughts on “Celebrations Unlimited

  1. friend, I hope you are well. You cross my mind every now and then, and when these inklings resurface, they do remind me of things forgotten. For some reason, some of the words you penned some time ago still linger in a space in my mind, and sometimes, they’d give me language to speak very strange emotions that come, perhaps more so on the days it rains despite the sun being out. It is very profound; perhaps because I imagined that you might know exactly this feeling, and I feel less alone in all this mindless (sometimes) swimming:
    ‘ Is it true that a friend stays in one place, waiting for the day you run back into their arms? There is no cure but you incite hope.’
    I am now feeling a very strange feeling; the best way to put it being that I feel a desire that you are well, that your days are light and filled with deep connection, that you are seen and known.
    With that, I will speak plainly and say I miss you and hope to see you someday, and perhaps share a party love time with you over simple coffee or scrambled eggs.

  2. dearest

    the rain makes it bearable and it shall always ache worse when the sun is up (u see, the sun highlights the tiniest frown. i imagine she laughs at our gloom) maybe it is against the background of pain that life becomes moving. i hope that u are soft and well, ur thoughts and intentions still a trademark handsome. my heart does a little dance reading this and i am glad…confusion or unhappiness isn’t as scary as being passionless. i feel, like i always feel, like an island, and any language left exists only in the life of the mind. i cannot recall at which point of selfish reticence it was that i’d concluded that missing is tantamount to loving and i am sorry. i miss u too

    outside my window the sun is high yet as i am writing this i picture a room that is u warp around me: it is cosy and the air lived-in and there is cake and there is a familiar quiet understanding and cheer. thank u for staying in one place. there is no cure but u incite hope. we will someday share a party love time. drink water, keep safe
    i think of u often.

    p.s.: coffee makes the middle compartment of my chest beat very fastly but i trust there be alternative choices of beverage in the party love time house

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