One Day We’ll Have It All

Only 7 sleepless weeks have gone by at the dining table. She tears a new fruit lovingly and violently apart, saying we eat red, Pepe, little by little Pepe, hold the seeds. Unsure of when to spit, Pepe had harboured altogether fistfuls of them between his quiet cheeks for fear of resolving his ignorance – and the mess that comes with. Flowers now grow in his belly from the few accidentally pushed down the pipe. Pepe, mesmerised and repulsed by the ritual, finally spits.

The patient coagulated ruins take the shape of the cave that was his mouth, almost resembling the once pregnant pomegranate

These are the pieces of my youth, The small secrets and not-so-great expectations that defined my coming of age

Two paths diverged in a wood and you can laugh at mine but i am going to sleep on yours. You laugh like a flower, teeth like teacups, eyes like –– ––, pure as the middle of a cucumber. I leave out every thing that actually happened and has been said. Two handfuls of soil joined by a mighty spit! Please laugh at mine but i am going to sleep on yours.